Pictures from our Renovation

September 2002 - April 2003

In preparation for the renovation of the NMR facility, the VAC-300 autosampler was moved. A scaffold was built to lift the magnet onto a cart and the energized magnet was rolled across the room. Special thanks to Joel Fischer (Physics Machine Shop) and Frank Dandl (Chemistry carpenter) for their enthusiastic assistance.

(Click on the image for a larger picture.)

To protect the magnets from dust and metal objects, boxes were built around the magnets. The first two photos show the plywood box built around the 500. The third photo shows the lighter styrofoam insulation boxes around the VI-300 and VXR-300. The last two photos are views of the VAC-200 box from the exterior and interior.

In December, Jerry Hirschinger from Magnex moved the CMX-400 solids NMR spectrometer into its new renovated space.

Some of the construction team

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