U of M Chemistry Dept NMR Facility

Instruction Manuals

Click on the title to download the various instruction manuals.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these. If you do not have it, download it here.

  • Sample preparation: NMR tubes and other things (last update Feb 2016)

    Bruker Instruction Manuals

  • Bruker Acquisition (last update 6-10-15)

  • Bruker Processing (last update 1-4-12)

  • 90 degree pulsewidth calibration (last update 9-6-13)

  • Selective 1D experiments (last update 7-5-12)

  • Icon NMR (automation) (last update 4-5-12)

  • "No-D" NMR (last update 4-5-12)

  • Kinetics (last update 5-21-12)

  • Proton T1 (last update 9-17-12)

  • Fluorine T1 (last update 9-18-12)

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