Email Discussion Lists

NOTE: Lists with Listserv addresses are managed with automated software. To subscribe to such a list, send the following message to the address given:

SUBSCRIBE listname firstname lastname

where listname is the name of the list, e.g., SUBSCRIBE WISENET Nancy Smith. Leave the Subject line blank. For lists that do not have Listserv addresses, be sure to include your name and e-mail address at the end of your message asking to subscribe.
EDUCOM-W describes itself as “a moderated list to facilitate discussion of issues in technology and education that are of interest to women.” Subscription messages should be sent to

FIST (Feminism in/and Science and Technology) is an unmoderated list for discussion of feminism and science and technology. Send subscription messages to

GWIS (Graduate Women in Science) provides a forum for discussion of issues of interest to women scientists. Send subscription messages to

IEEE (Institute for Electric and Electronic Engineers) is a newsletter focusing on activities of women in engineering. Individuals are encouraged to submit articles to . For more information, send a message to with INFO.WOMEN.IN.ENGNG on the first line.

The National Initiative for Women in Higher Education is a national effort to help achieve gender equity in higher education and to establish a women led agenda for the 21st century. To join the discussion list, send an email to

MN-WISE (Minnesota Women in Science and Engineering) is a list for women in science, mathematics, and engineering. It is primarily a regional list which involves news items, job postings, and some networking. Send subscription messages to

PCST-L is devoted to public communication of science and technology. It provides an opportunity for discussion, exchange and cooperation among practitioners, researchers, and scientists with an active professional interest in science popularization and related topics. The list is explicitly intended to cross international, cultural, and professional boundaries. To subscribe to PCST-L, send subscription messages to

SYSTERS is designed for professional women in computer science. Topics vary, but include introductions, job listings, book reviews, discrimination, “what should I do” situations, and setting up systers meetings at conferences. It is also a place to organize efforts to change or influence policies affecting women in computer science. For more information, write to Anita Borg.

WIPHYS is a moderated list for issues of concern to women in physics. Send subscription messages to

WISENET is relatively new list for women in science, mathematics, and engineering. Send subscription messages to

WOMENBIO is for women scientists in biology. Contact to join.

YSN (Young Scientist Network) is the employment picture in science and engineering. List subscribers are primarily recent Ph.D. graduates and current graduate students. To subscribe, send a message to

Last update: 22 May 2002